Rolling Stone


Fabri Fibra

Oscar Mondadori

Oscar Mondadori

Oscar Mondadori

Story of a forefather

In 2021 at Leftloft we started to lead the art direction of Rolling Stone Italia. This monographic issue is the first I followed firsthand.

The concept visually reflects the artist's journey and personal approach to a musical genre that started making its way through Italy in the early 1990s.

Creative direction 



At the core of this issue is the imagery of the cover story taken by Sha Ribeiro and the idea of scanning step-by-step Fibra's career.

The travel theme made of passing places, views from the provinces, and small towns contributes to creating the imagery of our Country, Italy, evoking an overall sense of familiarity.

Dettaglio 2

We included the visual elements that most marked each moment of the artist's career to give the storytelling a scanned rhythm. From the early days when everything was more technical and layered to the present time when simplicity and intelligibility of language are privileged. So the layouts begin more "wavy," fill, overlapped and messy to end clean, airy and orderly.